Strive USA Innovation Fund

Creative & scalable digital small business solutions

The application period is now closed

The Strive USA Innovation Fund provides grants to community financial institutions and business support organizations who are testing scalable capital and service products so underrepresented entrepreneurs can get capital, go digital and grow networks and know-how.



Applicants will be scored on the following selection criteria.:

1. Program Match

  • Does the project address at least one of Mastercard Strive USA’s three pillars: getting capital, going digital, and growing networks and know-how?
  • Does the project align with Mastercard Strive USA’s commitment to equity?

2. Feasibility

  • Does the application include a clear implementation strategy and goals?
  • Does the application clearly identify the problem(s) it is seeking to solve and the solution it will deploy? 
  • Does the applicant demonstrate the organizational capacity to successfully implement the project?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate a strong knowledge of the field, market opportunity, and potential impact?
  • Is the solution likely to reach the desired outcome?
  • Does the requested budget seem reasonable for the project proposed?
  • Can the proposed work plan be accomplished in the proposed timeline?

3. Potential for Impact

  • What impact will be achieved if the project is successful? Are the outputs and outcomes clearly expressed? 
  • Can other organizations benefit from the knowledge and insights generated from this project?
  • Does the solution have the potential to be adapted to other organizations or contexts?

4. Additional Considerations

  • Would this project move forward without support from the Mastercard Strive USA Innovation Fund?
  • Is the proposed project innovative and/or new for the CFI and/or BSO sector?