Strive Community Innovation Fund

Big ideas for small businesses

$1m in grants available!

Applications are currently closed. The next open application period will be announced in our newsletter.



We will use 4 simple criteria to select proposals::

1. Significance & impact

  • Does the project address at least one of Strive Community’s three pillars for supporting small business: digitizing operations, using financial services and participating in digital markets?
  • What impact could be achieved if the project is successful?
  • Is there alignment with Strive Community focus areas of supporting businesses with fewer than 10 employees with digital and data first solutions?

2. Applicability & transferability

  • Will the project inspire others to similarly innovate on supporting small business?
  • Can other organizations benefit from the learnings and insights generated in this project?
  • Can the solution or insights be applied, adapted, or transferred broadly?

3. Feasibility & sustainability

  • Does the articulated plan seem suitable for reaching the desired outcome?
  • Does the requested budget seem reasonable for the project proposed?
  • Does the project center on a solution that has financial viability at scale?

4. Additionality

  • Would the innovative solution or insights be realized without this funding?
  • Would the project be implemented in an improved way with this grant?
  • Is Strive Community inspiring something truly innovative by de-risking it for the awardee?