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Mastercard Strive has worked with experts around the world to develop digital training content that equips small business owners with the skills they need to make their businesses resilient and primed for growth. Our training materials are freely available to any organization supporting small businesses. Browse below and get in touch if you’d like to use it.


Micro-learning videos for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia

These micro-learning videos are designed to address major knowledge gaps among small businesses in Southeast Asia. Topics were selected based on in-depth needs assessments conducted with 200 business owners and 34,000 entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The content is delivered by experts and peer entrepreneurs in local languages, with localized case studies for each country. Learning journeys are split into two courses: the Small Business Course is designed for existing business owners looking to digitalize and improve their operations, and the Entrepreneurship Course supports entrepreneurs considering starting a business. Both courses were developed by a consortium of organizations that have deep expertise in small business support in their respective countries.

If your organization serves small businesses in Southeast Asia that may be able to benefit from access to this content, please get in touch.

Channels: Micro-learning videos

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Taglish

Small Business Course

  • Introduction to bookkeeping
  • Using bookkeeping apps
Cash flow management and budgeting
  • Understanding cash flow management
  • Simple budgeting to control expenses and ensure profitability
  • How to build a resilience business
Setting price and making a profit
  • How to calculate profit
  • How to sell the right price to optimize profit
  • How to optimize profit
Sales techniques
  • Effective promotion strategies to increase sales
Digital marketing to expand customer base
  • Strategies to make your business easier to discover on the internet
  • Raising awareness of your business online
Customer service
  • Gaining customers’ loyalty
Pivoting and diversifying a business
  • Diversification tips to increase sales
  • How diversification strengthens resilience
Product Development
  • Continuous improvements for business success
  • Designing unique products to excel against the competition
  • Using customer feedback to improve offerings
Expanding my business
  • Ways to expand a business
Managing a business during a crisis
  • Pivoting to meet changing customers demands
  • Tips for business survival during a crisis

Entrepreneurship Course

Starting a business
  • Feasibility of business ideas for cafe and restaurant, vehicle services, or retail outlet
  • Capital needs for a new business
  • How to raise capital 
  • How to create a simple business plan
  • Formal business registration and certification
  • How to establish your business online
  • How to launch your business online and generate sales
  • How to increase customer base online
  • How to raise awareness of your business online
Financial planning
  • How to set the right price
  • How to calculate and optimize profit
  • How to file taxes
  • Separating business and household finances
  • Introduction to bookkeeping
  • Using bookkeeping apps

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